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Music teaches vital life skills. Our faculty at the Swar Sadhana School of Music are aware that performance perfection isn’t always the end goal of music lessons.

However, we believe that music lessons provide integration of integrity and lifelong passion to help develop a well-rounded life.

We offer in-person classes as well as online classes. 


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Vibhuti has trained hundreds of students so far. Here is what our students and their parents say about her.


Vibhuti is very friendly, sincere, provides a very supportive teaching style and she does her job very professionally. She is very passionate about music and that’s what inspires my daughter. She really enjoys and is very happy with her music classes. It has been a pleasurable and rewarding experience for us. I will recommend her to any of my friends who want their child to learn from the best.
Anwesha Student
Our 5-year-old recently started training with Vibhuti and she is always looking forward to her music class. In this pandemic situation, there are few extra-curricular activities that can be done remotely, and we are quite impressed with how well Vibhuti has structured her music lessons for remote learning. I like how she strikes the right balance between discipline and fun. This is especially important for younger kids when you are trying to get engagement, develop interest and at the same time teach discipline and practice routine required to train in Indian classical music.
Ketki Anvayee’s mom
Vibhuti is a great teacher and humble human being. She is very crisp and detailed in her instructions to both students and parents. She is eager to teach music to the kids and always encourages them to learn music. She is an amazing singer and a versatile artist with knowledge from Indian classical music to light music. I am really happy and lucky to have Vibhuti as music teacher for our daughter Avani. Best wishes, Avani, Kunjal & Nikhil Dewasthali
Kunjal Avanee’s mom
We joined Swar Sadhana in July. My daughter is in the toddler group. I know it takes a lot of patience teaching kids in this age group and more so when it's online. Vibhuti is very committed to making this an enriching experience for the kids. It is really amazing to see my daughter learning so fast. She loves her class and even wants to practice at home. We are happy to be a part of Swar Sadhana.
Trupti Riya’s mom
We are so delighted to find Swar Sadhana music class. In just few weeks I can see so much improvement in my daughter. The class follows a proven syllabus from classical music school in India. Miss Vibhuti is also an excellent teacher and a great artist. Listening her sing also makes the students more interested in learning to sing like her.
Sucharita Parent
Vibhuti is a great teacher, she brings advanced knowledge in Hindustani classical and strives to impart all her learnings to her students. She is very professional yet personable, she is very jovial with students but when it comes to music she is serious. My daughter is Vibhuti's student from the last 6 yrs. Her knowledge of teaching and patience with kids makes a lot of difference while combining just the right amount of enthusiasm with gentle guidance when correcting kids. Vibhuti is not only a wonderful teacher she is also a fantastic singer. Her passion, hard work and talent shines through all the songs that she creates. I highly recommend Vibhuti for all parents who care about their children's or their own musical education.
My daughter has been learning music for a few months. For a new student and in the current online situation, Vibhuti has been amazing. My daughter looks forward to her music class and is learning the basic concepts nicely. Vibhuti is patient with the kids and brings out the best in the kids. She is also very good at communicating the progress and expectations to the parents.
Vrushali Parent
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    “Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them—a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” –Gerald Ford